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"Think Kingdom means that Jesus is in charge - not us."

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Why Think Kingdom?

We are often asked about the name Think Kingdom. Our name defines who we are. Our name reveals our character. "Think Kingdom" is a church on a mission. We believe that the church is a local assembly that gathers in a specific location to worship God but the kingdom of God stretches beyond the local assembly. The Kingdom is God's Rule, His reign and we believe that goes beyond the Church. Think Kingdom means to have a "kingdom mindset" that we are to have dominion and that we are the agents of change. On earth, we represent the King. This mindset governs our behavior, what we do, and ultimately how we live.  

Why Think Kingdom?

Our Vision

Learn from Jesus

Matthew 11:28-29

Jesus is our example for living and scripture teaches us about Jesus. We must become more like Jesus in every area of our life.  We cannot share Jesus if we don't know who He is.

Live for Jesus

1 Thessalonians 5: 12-22

​We believe we are to live for Christ. As believers, we must put Christ first in our lives and seek him daily. In order to do this, we need the peace of Christ to remain and rule inside of us. Simply stated, to live for Christ means knowing, loving, serving, and glorifying God. We believe this is our heart’s response to the work the Lord has done in us.

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Think Kingdom is proud to support and partner with ministries  and organizations that help reach beyond the traditional four walls of the church. These partners add wisdom, service, and value to our community by serving law enforcement, producing films, and helping to restore people and communities through discipleship  We invite you to learn more by clicking the links. 

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