Why Think Kingdom Church?

We are often asked about the name Think Kingdom. Our name defines who we are. Our name reveals our character. "Think Kingdom" is a church on a mission. We believe that the church is a local assembly that gathers in a specific location to worship God but the kingdom of God stretches beyond the local assembly. The Kingdom is God's Rule, His reign and we believe that goes beyond the Church. Think Kingdom means to have a "kingdom mindset" that we are to have dominion and that we are the agents of change. On earth, we represent the King.This mindset governs our behavior, what we do, and ultimately how we live.  



The Philosophy:

We should love the church, for the Church is the bride of Christ (Eph 5:25) and we should build it up (Eph 4:11-12). Jesus spoke of a new reality (God's Kingdom) through the presence of a new King. We believe that being Kingdom minded causes us to think/act/behave outside the four walls of the church to heal the wounds in our neighborhoods, workplace, and community.  We believe that if we "Think Kingdom", we advance the message of Jesus Christ. We do this by producing kingdom citizens (followers of Jesus) that take the King's message (the Gospel) to those who may not know who He is. We are called to be witnesses about Jesus' love for us, His saving power, and His grace. We believe that when the King reigns, He rebuilds lives and communities ravaged by the consequences of sin. We are not simply called to fill church seats but to fill the hearts of people with the love of Christ.

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   Address: 465 S Cannon Blvd Kannapolis NC   

Ph. 704.939.6723    Worship Service 10:33am