Everything Changes

Nearly 2000 years ago, one Sunday changed everything. Our Risen King gave up His life so that we may have eternal life. It was the resurrection of Jesus, and with it, everything changes. On Easter Sunday, another resurrection occurred-Think Kingdom. Some may know our story but click here to hear it from those who lived it. In Luke 24:13-35, two of Jesus' followers were walking to the village of Emmaus. As they walked they talked about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and as they walked, Jesus joined them but they did not recognize Him. They were talking about Jesus, to Jesus, and didn't even know it! I am amazed at this story but not surprised. There were many times in my life I felt abandoned by God only to realize later that He was right there with me the whole time. The journey can take its toll on us. Like those two followers, we can get lost in our sadness, discomfort, and despair. Our emotions guide us instead of the hope, love, and presence of our Lord Jesus. The confusion of the resurrection (whether He really rose from the grave) coupled with their humanity led to them not being able to see Jesus and how He fulfilled His promises. The Father removed their blindness! Verse 31 reads "suddenly, their eyes were opened, and they recognized him." The Father revealed to them that Jesus was who He said He was and that He was and is with them (and us!). Maybe the public celebration of Easter (Resurrection Sunday) is over. The candy is now discounted, the Easter bunny is retiring until next year, another great family photo is added to the collection, and there are leftovers lurking in the refrigerator. Sunday has come and gone and the reality of His resurrection and what it means, may not be as exciting because of the the monotony of a random Monday or Tuesday (or whenever you read this). As you continue your journey, remember the promises that Jesus made. When despair knocks on your door, or trouble comes your way, don't fret, Jesus has been walking with you the entire time. Such is and was the case with our church. The messiness of relationships can take its toll. Unmet expectations lead to frustrations and unfortunately (in some occasions) the parting of ways. This is common not just for churches but other relationships (marriage, friendships, etc). God has allowed the disappointments to mold and prune us into His image. Like the 2 followers in Luke, He reveals His greater purposes...His purposes are found only when we "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness." As a church, this has become who we are!

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