To make followers of Jesus Christ.


Live for Christ

Love like Christ

Lead People to Christ

Think Kingdom will be the catalyst to expand the Kingdom of God through the building of local, national and international faith communities, ministries, churches, and movements. It is our sincere belief that the Kingdom of heaven was established through the “bottom up” approach echoed throughout the pages of the Bible. From shepherd to King, fishermen to Apostles, from the oppressed to rulers, the Bible is riddled with examples of God moving through the “ordinary” to do the extraordinary.

Why Think Kingdom?



We are often asked about the name Think Kingdom. Our name defines who we are. Our name reveals our character. "Think Kingdom" is a church on a mission. We believe that the church is a local assembly that gathers in a specific location to worship God but the kingdom of God stretches beyond the local assembly. The Kingdom is God's Rule, His reign and we believe that goes beyond the Church. Think Kingdom means to have a "kingdom mindset" that we are to have dominion and that we are the agents of change. On earth, we represent the King.This mindset governs our behavior, what we do, and ultimately how we live.  

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   Address: 465 S Cannon Blvd Kannapolis NC   

Ph. 704.939.6723    Worship Service 10:33am